Overview of Announcements


Christmas Break from 24.12.2020 to 01.01.2021

The Teaching and Research Unit Philosophy of the Cultural World and the Departmental library will be on Christmas break from 24.12.2020 to 01.01.2021. We wish you all happy holidays!


Publication Announcement

Maria E. Reicher-Marek's „Einführung in die philosophische Ästhetik“ was translated into Chinese. The Chinese translation was published in the series „Western Thought and Culture Library“ by Beijing Babenfang Culture Communication.


Publication Announcement

„Fiktionalität und Philosophie/Phänomenologie/Ontologie"

Maria E. Reicher-Marek

The article „Fiktionalität und Philosophie/Phänomenologie/Ontologie“ by Maria E. Reicher-Marek was edited by Lut Missine, Ralf Schneider and Beatrix Theresa van Dam in the anthology „Grundthemen der Literaturwissenschaft: Fiktionalität“.


GAP Essay Award announced

The Society for Analytic Philosophy (GAP) and the Grazer Philosophische Studien announced this years essay award. The essay question is: Are there moral experts? The prize is endowed with €500. Up to three essays can be awarded and will be published in the Grazer Philosophische Studien. Further information can be found on the GAP´s website.


The Teaching of the Teaching and Research Unit will start on March 07, 2020

All courses of Professor Dr. Maria E. Reicher-Marek and Nicolas Kleinschmidt, M.A., M.A., will start in the first week of the summer semester. More information and learning materials you find on RWTHmoodle.


Application Deadlines for the summer semester remain unchanged

Although the start of the lecture period has been postponed to April 20, 2020 the application deadlines for seminars and lectures remain unchanged. The application deadline for seminars ends on March 29, 2020, the application deadline for lectures on April 21, 2020. All dates are given without gurantee.


The Research and Teaching Unit´s Secretariat Is Closed

The Secretariat of the research and teaching unit Philosophy of the Cultural World is closed until further notice. For urgent matters please send us an e-mail! As soon as the situation changes, we will inform you here.


Office hours during the semester break

The consultation hours during the semester break are set.

The consultation hour of Professor Dr. Maria E. Reicher-Marek will take place on 04. and 05.02. as well as on 05. and 06.03.2020 in the time from 5 to 6 pm. If required, it is possible to make a seperate appointment via e-mail. For consulting Nicolas Kleinschmidt, M.A., M.A., please make an appointment via e-mail.


Christmas Holidays

The Research and Teaching Unit Philosophy of the Cultural World is on christmas holidays from December 23., 2019 to January 6., 2020. We hope for your understanding and wish you happy holidays!


Talk Announcement

“Autorschaft, Absichten und das offene Werk”

Maria E. Reicher-Marek

On 12 December 2019 Professor Maria E. Reicher-Marek will give a lecture at the Philosophical Colloquium of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The title of her lecture is “Autorschaft, Absichten und das offene Werk” (“Authorship, Intentions and the Open Work"). The Philosophical Colloquium will take place in Building S06, Entrance S00, Room A26 at 18:00 c.t.


Publication Announcement

“Non-Sensory Beauty and Meaning Qualia”

Maria E. Reicher-Marek

The article “Non-Sensory Beauty and Meaning Qualia” by Maria E. Reicher-Marek has been published in in „Beauty. New Essays in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art“, herausgegeben von Wolfgang Huemer and Ingrid V. Ferran.


Publication Announcement

„Routley’s Theory of Fictions“

Maria E. Reicher-Marek

The article "Routley's Theory of Fictions" by Maria E. Reicher-Marek has been published in "Noneist Explorations I. The Sylvan Jungle. Volume 2", edited by Dominic Hyde.


Publication Announcement

„Das Zeugnis anderer“

Nicola Mößner

The article "Das Zeugnis anderer" by Nicola Mößner has been published in the “Handbuch Erkenntnistheorie”, edited by Martin Grajner and Guido Melchior.


Publication Announcement

“Werk und Autorschaft. Eine Ontologie der Kunst”

Maria E. Reicher-Marek

The new book "Werk und Autorschaft. Eine Ontologie der Kunst" by Maria E. Reicher-Marek has been published by Brill as part of the series KunstPhilosophie.