Daiwei Li

M.A., M.A.


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Curriculum Vitae

Daiwei Li studied at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology as a bachelor student of civil engineering (2003-2007). After that he received his first master degree of philosophy at (China) Northwest Normal University with the thesis "Husserl´s Critique of Psychologism" (2010). His second master of philosophy was completed at the University of Tongji in Shanghai( 2015). His second master's thesis was concerned with "Husserl´s Anti-Relativist Arguments Against Logical Psychologism". In 2015 he began his doctoral program in philosophy working on the topic: "The Problem of Cognitive Psychologism and Husserl´s Way Out“ while being supervised by Prof. Maria Elisabeth Reicher-Marek.

Dissertation Project

His dissertation will address several problems of psychologism-debate within the background of Husserl's position and aims to answer the question whether Husserl's theory is still of systematic interest and can contribute to the contemporary discussion.