Nicolas Kleinschmidt

M.A., M.A.


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Curriculum Vitae

Nicolas Kleinschmidt, M.A., M.A., graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and German Studies in 2014, a Master of Arts in Philosophy, and a Master of Arts in Philosophy of Science in 2018 from the University of Münster. He was scholar of the German National Academic Foundation. In the course of his studies, he worked as student research assistant, among others, at the Department of German Philology, the Department of Philosophy and the Center for Advanced Studies in Bioethics at the University of Münster. Since 2018, he has been a PhD student and research associate at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Aachen.

Dissertation project

Working title: "Collective Authorship. A Basic Concept in the Philosophy of artifacts"

We are surrounded by a variety of different artifacts such as algorithms, bridges, vaccines, methods, robots, sculptures, technical drawings, and scientific theories. Many of these artifacts are authored collectively. That is, they are the object of collective authorship. Nevertheless, the philosophy of artifacts, nevertheless, still lacks a theory that allows for a comprehensive understanding of collective authorship. In his dissertation project, Nicolas Kleinschmidt therefore explores what collective authorship is, how it emerges and passes, and how it can be categorized. In the project, he thus brings together the philosophy of artifacts and action as well as social ontology.