Alexander Averhage



Curriculum Vitae

Alexander Averhage studied art and philosophy at Burg Giebichenstein Art College Halle and the University of Halle-Wittenberg and completed his studies in January 2021 with the first state examination for the teaching profession at secondary schools. Since April 2021 he is a doctoral student of Prof. Dr. Maria E. Reicher-Marek.

Dissertation project

Working title: ”Ontology of digital art: authorship, reception, and the concept of work in computer-generated art“

The dissertations aim is the construction of a coherent ontology of digital art, as academic positions on the ontology of digital art so far have only remained fragmented ideas.

In the broadest sense of the term ”digital art“, this research work pinpoints ontological differences between subforms or branches of both computer-assisted and computer-generated works of art. Additionally this developed framework is then to be contrasted by with already existing, more general ontologies of art, to the point of integrating it into those more general forms if possible.

This undertaking particularly focuses on the investigation of the conepts of authorship and reception of digital art. This focus is connected to the general question when and how the artistic process begins and ends and how this is affecting the constitutive properties of an artwork. In reference to digital art, possible answers to this question driven by any ongoing debate on how potentially participatory characteristics of digital art (e.g interactivity or immersion) are of any special relevance for that particular kind of art. Moreover this research will also take into account questions on how the assertion of authorship in digital art is connected to the concept of artistry or ”beeing an artist“ and how this kind of agency could possibly be substituted or shared by digital technologies or its developers.