The Philosophical Departmentīs Library

View of the departmental library's reading room Copyright: Nicolas Kleinschmidt


Building: 1710
Room: 002
Eilfschornsteinstraße 16
52062 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 96006


Monday, closed
Tuesday, closed
Wednesday, closed
Thursday, closed
Friday, closed

The Philosophical Departmentīs library is a lending library with a stock of about 40,000 books and 7,000 journal volumes from varous philosophical disciplines. It is located on the ground floor of the Department of Philosophy, the former higher girlīs school of Aachen. As departemental library it is part of the RWTH Aachen university library and is open to all users in compliance with valid user regulations of the Philosophical Departmentīs Library and the fee regulations of the university library of the RWTH Aachen University.

Literature Research

The entire stock of the library is listed in the electronic catalogue of the universtity library and can be searched there. The catalogue can be consulted at two computer workstations in the departmentīs library.


For lendig media from the departmentīs library a library card is required. After activation, students of the RWTH Aachen can use the RWTHBlueCard as a library card. By registering with the university library, external users can also apply for a library card.

For books of reference, journal volumes and media in the course reserves applies a shortened lending period. The my only be lended aggainst deposit of the library card at the libraryīs issue desk until the library closes on the respective day. All other media my be lended for 28 calender days.

Work Places

For academic work, the departmentīs library offers a spacious reading room. There a two computer workstations and further places with sockets available.

If you have any questions, the library team will be happy to help you.