For oral and written exams you have to register in RWTHonline. Please ensure to register within the deadlines.

Formal Requirements

All written exams have to

  • comply with the rules of good scientific practice;
  • being typewritten;
  • have a title page with the name of the course, the semester, name of the lecturer, the work´s titel as well as the name, the matriculation number, the study program, the module and the e-mail address of the student;
  • and with a signed staturoy declaration in lieu of an oath.

  Postbox of the Department of Philosophy Copyright: Nicolas Kleinschmidt


An analogue copy (printout) and a digital copy (word file or PDF) of all written exams except for written examinations must be submitted. Please deposit the analog copy in the mailbox of the Department of Philosophy on the 1st floor of the Department´s building (see picture) or hand it to Mrs Saur in the secretariat and send the digital copy by e-mail to the respective examiner.

The submission deadline is considered to have been met if the work is submitted to the examiner as an analogue or digital copy before the deadline.