Study Ressources


Below you find some resources for your study of philosophy.


Study Resources

Data Bases

To research philosophical research articles, you can use philosophical databases such as PhilPapers or The Philosopher's Index.


Two recommendable online encyclopedias are the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy or the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Both encyclopedias are available free of charge on the Internet. You can also use the analogous Philosophy and Philosophy of Science Encyclopedia, which is available for consultation in the Philosophcal Department’s Library.


A philosophical introductions introduces the methods of philosophy. Here is a selection of currently available philosophical introductions in German:

  • Filius, Ariane und Sibille Mischer. 2018. Philosophische Texte schreiben im Studium. Paderborn: Fink.
  • Flatscher, Matthias, Gerald Posselt und Anja Weinberg. 2018. Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten im Philosophiestudium. 2., aktual. Aufl. Wien: facultas.
  • Rosenberg, Jay F. 2009. Philosophieren. Ein Handbuch für Anfänger. 6. Aufl. Frankfurt a.M.: Klostermann.

Citation script

For citing philosophical research literature you can use the Citation Script by Prof. Dr. Maria E. Reicher-Marek.