View of the departmental library's reading room Copyright: © Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Maria Elisabeth Reicher-Marek


The Philosophical Department´s Library

Department of Philosophy


Building: 1710
Ground Floor
Kármánstraße 17/19
52062 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 96006


Monday: 11am – 2pm
Tuesday: 11am – 4pm
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 1pm – 5pm
Friday: closed


All information, services and current news of the Philosophical Department’s Library can be found on this website. For your questions we are at your disposal.

Your Library Team


The Library from A to Z


The reception is located in the entrance room of the Philosophical Department’s Library (Room 005). At the reception you can borrow books from the Department’s Library and return borrowed books. In addition, the library team is available here for questions and suggestions regarding the use of the Department’s Library. 

Acquisition Suggestions

You can suggest books to the Department’s Library for acquisition that you need for your studies or research. For your suggestion please use the Acquisition Suggestion Form on the website. The acquisition suggestion is free of charge.

To see if your acquisition suggestion has been accepted, check the list of Newly Acquired Publications. Please understand that not all acquisition suggestions can be accepted.


PLEASE NOTE: The workstations of the Philosophical Department’s Library cannot be used until further notice due to the pandemic.

The Department’s Library offers workstations with Internet access (WLAN) distributed throughout its rooms for studying in silence. It is not possible to reserve the workstations. The workstations must be left in an orderly condition after use.

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use contain the exact regulations for the use of the Department’s Libary. By using the Department’s Libary you accept the Terms of Use.

Serious or repeated violations of the Terms of Use may lead to temporary or permanent withdrawal of the right to use the Department’s Libary by the library team.


The holdings of the Philosophical Department’s Library currently include about 40,000 books and 7,000 journal volumes from various philosophical disciplines and the history of philosophy. It is constantly being expanded.

Library Card

For the use of the library a library card is required. After activation, the RWTH BlueCard serves as a library card for RWTH students. By registration with the university library, non-students can also apply for a library card.

Please inform the Central and Institute Library immediately of any change of address, telephone number or name in person, by telephone or by .

Data Bases

The University Library (UB) provides access to various databases that list philosophical research literature.


For exceeding the loan period, non-return or damage of books and journal volumes, fees will be charged, which can be found in your user account and the receipts you will receive from the library team at the supervisor when returning the books and journal volumes. The amount of the fees is determined by the fee schedule of the RWTH University Library.

The fees can be paid in cash at the Central Library or transferred to the following account:

IBAN: DE07 3905 0000 0000 0253 8

When making a bank transfer, please be sure to include the following number along with your name as the reason for payment, otherwise your payment cannot be assigned:

Reason for payment: 131940210000000 Name of debtor

The discharge of your account from the fees can take up to 14 days. We ask for your understanding!


The Catalog of the Philosophical Department’s Library lists all books and periodical volumes in the holdings of the Department’s Library. This is a partial catalog of the Catalog of the University Library (KatalogPlus), in which all books and periodical volumes on philosophy are listed – even those that are not in the Department’s Library but in the stacks of the Central Library or the Textbook Collection.

Newly Acquired Publications

New books and periodical volumes are constantly being acquired for the Department’s Library. The new acquisitions are listed under the tab Newly Acquired Publications and displayed in a showcase in front of the entrance of the Department’s Library for a few weeks before they are sorted into the appropriate library section.


In the entrance area, lockers and open compartments are available for the users of the Philosophical Department’s Library. In these lockers you can store the items that are not allowed to be taken into the library rooms (jackets, gloves, scarves, bags, etc.).

You can get the key for a locker for one day by showing your library card at the reception. Please understand that the Department’s Library is not liable for the items in the lockers and open compartments in the entrance area.

Semester Apparatus

The semester apparatus, i.e. the collections of books on courses, which are selected by the lecturer of a course for its preparation or follow-up, are placed on a separate shelf next to the reception in the Department’s Library. At the end of the semester, the books are returned to their regular location in the Department’s Library. 

The books in the semester apparatus are excluded from the general circulation. They can only be read in the rooms of the Department’s Library or borrowed for copying against deposit of the library card at the reception until the library closing time of the respective day.

Further Information

Further information on the use of the Department’s Library or research of philosophical literature is available upon request from the library team of the Department’s Library or the Subject Specialist for Philosophy of the Central Library.